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Economist/Sr. Economist - Chennai / Hyderabad / Delhi/ Bengaluru/ Mumbai

Position Summary 

The Centre for Effective Governance of Indian States (CEGIS) aims to help state governments strengthen their capacity and public systems to improve governance, service delivery, and the effectiveness of public expenditure. As CEGIS enters its fifth year, we are looking to hire multiple Ph.D. holding economists to join the “Economics and Statistics Unit” at CEGIS to conduct economic analysis focused on state-level policy issues in India. In this pivotal role, you will be at the forefront of driving analytical work and conducting impactful research on policies and programmes that can boost the effectiveness of thousands of crores of public spending, and thereby improve the translation of public expenditure into development outcomes for millions of people.

You will work closely with a diverse team of analysts and economists in close collaboration with senior government officials and with technical guidance and inputs from CEGIS Co-Founder and Scientific Director, Prof. Karthik Muralidharan. As a CEGIS Economist, key responsibilities will include: (a) conducting original research and technical analysis to evaluate new proposed expenditure items; (b) conducting economic analysis of government policies and programs and evaluating key programs; (c) staying abreast of and synthesising relevant research for answering policy questions; (d) identifying and liaising with academic and other researchers to obtain expert inputs into policy decisions, and (e) mentoring and coaching teams of analysts with undergraduate and master’s degrees. This position offers an exciting opportunity to apply your analytical skills and communicate impactful ideas, making a tangible impact on governance and public policy in India.

Role and Responsibilities

Economic Research and Technical Analysis 

  • Conduct comprehensive economic research and analysis on various policy and programmatic issues relevant to state governments.

  • Review and synthesis existing literature to inform policy development and strategic decision-making, especially in topics related to improving value for money in public spending.

  • Develop data-driven insights and recommendations to support effective policy implementation and governance reforms.

  • Provide technical leadership and inputs to CEGIS field projects, including sampling design, data analytical frameworks, and analytical tools.

  • Coordinate internal reviews, offer substantive advice on economic rationale and quality of economic analysis in CEGIS’s strategies, programs, and projects. Curate and update datasets (international, national, and state) for rapid analysis.

Policy Development and Collaboration

  • Engage with senior government officials to identify research, analysis, and knowledge gaps that can be filled by CEGIS

  • Engage with a range of stakeholders, including government officials, researchers, and think-tanks, to foster effective policy dialogues and knowledge sharing across Indian states, and beyond.

  • Support CEGIS teams and projects in developing and implementing evidence-based policy solutions, providing critical economic insights and analyses.

  • Translate economic research findings into practical policy ideas and reforms that can be presented to state governments for consideration.

Knowledge Creation and Dissemination

  • Draft high-quality notes, reports, policy briefs, and academic papers, applying economic concepts and analytical methods effectively.

  • Create and present accessible content to communicate complex economic findings and insights to both academic and non-academic audiences.

  • Serve as a liaison between CEGIS projects and external academic and technical experts, ensuring the relevance and rigour of economic analysis.

  • Contribute to and oversee the production, quality control, and dissemination of diverse knowledge outputs, including academic publications.

  • Engage with media, public forums, and academic conferences to promote discourse on key economic issues and share CEGIS’s research contributions.


  • Ph.D. in Economics, Public Policy, or a related field is strongly preferred. (0-5 years experience will be considered for an Economist position and 5-10 years would be evaluated for a Sr Economist position)

  • Candidates with a Master's degree in Economics or related fields, combined with extensive experience ( 4 plus years) in empirical analysis and policy-focused research, will also be considered for the Economist role.


  • Experience in applied research and policy at any level, with a focus on public finance, budget analysis, and program-level analysis.

  • Proficiency in data science and experience working with large datasets is an asset.

  • Familiarity with major research datasets covering India and experience in compiling and using complex datasets.

  • Strong writing and communication skills in English; fluency in other Indian languages, especially Hindi, is a plus.

  • Capability in preparing high-quality policy briefs, research papers, and notes.

  • Exposure to project design and implementation, particularly in collaboration with government officials or large-scale projects, is advantageous.

  • Demonstrated interest in government functioning improvement and using research and evidence to inform policy.

Personal Characteristics and Desired Qualities

  • Strong quantitative, analytical, and conceptual skills in economics.

  • Creative thinking, willingness to experiment with new ideas, and ability to translate ideas into action plans and execute them.

  • Intellectual curiosity and commitment to continuous learning.

  • Passion for working with governments to enhance state effectiveness.

  • Ability to collaborate effectively with diverse stakeholders and build consensus.

  • Excellent people management skills and ability to motivate and lead teams.

  • Adaptability to work independently and as part of a small, dynamic team.

Note: CEGIS has zero tolerance to sexual harassment. We therefore expect each applicant to self-declare related to the same. CEGIS could, if required, initiate a prevention of sexual harassment-based background verification. If an applicant is reported of misconduct, appropriate action that may include employment termination would be taken.

Location and Compensation

  • This role will be based out of Delhi/Chennai/Hyderabad/Bengaluru/Mumbai (though other locations may also be considered). Remuneration will be competitive with Indian academic, and think tank pay scales and will depend on the candidate’s experience levels.

Apply Now

Interested candidates are invited to submit their applications here by 9th February. Optionally, if you have an account with EconJobMarket, you may drop your application here.

Later applications will be considered on rolling basis, but we will start reviewing on 9th February. Please include a CV, links to your best pieces of research, and a cover letter outlining your interest in the role and in policy-relevant research more generally.

Pre-reads for the application process

To learn more about CEGIS, please (1) review the CEGIS website: ;
(2) Prof. Karthik Muralidharan's podcast episodes (one each on education , healthcare, and
especially the one on federalism/state capacity in India), and his webpage.

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