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Our Partners

To help state governments function better and deliver better development outcomes, CEGIS has built deep partnerships with state governments, research organisations and implementation partners.  

Government of Telangana
CEGIS has signed a five year MoU with the Government of Telangana to improve outcomes and the quality of expenditure of the state. As part of this agreement, CEGIS is now embedded with the state government through a dedicated, co-created office integrated with the state’s Finance and Planning Departments and staffed by both CEGIS personnel and seconded government personnel. Through this office, CEGIS is working on projects with seven different departments within the state government. 

Program on the Indian Economy - University of California, San Diego 
All of CEGIS's work is grounded in data, cutting-edge research and global best practices. To ensure this happens, CEGIS has partnered with the Program on the Indian Economy at the University of California, San Diego, a research programme focused on solving India’s economic and development problems. Scholars in the programme include Indian economists who specialise in areas like public finance, agriculture, education and macroeconomics. These scholars are helping CEGIS by providing technical support on projects and generating new ideas for states to implement. 

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