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Our Values

At CEGIS, all our work is guided by a core set of values: 

Outcomes-based excellence: We strive for tangible excellence 
We are outcomes-driven and the outcomes that matter the most are the ones that improve lives. If we’re working with an education department, we want to improve learning levels; if we’re working with an agriculture department, we want to improve farmers’ livelihoods. Consequently, for us, excellence is neither a nebulous concept nor is it defined as simply publishing a report; instead, excellence is measured by our contributions to improving outcomes. We believe high-performing organisations measure outcomes and use these outcomes to set goals, manage teams and allocate resources efficiently. This is our advice to governments, and this is what we practise. Our credibility hinges on our ability to operate as a high-performing organisation consistently. 

Trust and collaboration: We encourage diverse views because we are united in our goals
Everyone at CEGIS is accountable for outcomes, but we are all entrusted with the autonomy to achieve these outcomes. We hope this trust manifests itself through an open, collaborative and respectful working environment. CEGIS staff can share diverse views and candid feedback because we trust each other’s intentions. This trust and collaboration extend to other organisations working in the sector - and especially our main partners: state governments. While we believe the CEGIS approach is unique, our ultimate goals are not. We do not compete with others' work but instead seek to collaborate and amplify high-quality ideas to further India’s development. 

Humility and self-awareness: We know that we do not know everything, but we are hungry to learn and work with others
We are working on the biggest, most intractable problems in India. And in tackling these problems, there is no task that is beneath us or too big for us. For many of these problems, we will have ideas for potential solutions; for others, we simply may not know enough. We know what we can do but, more importantly, we know what we cannot do. In all our work, we strive to be humble, learn from and work with those who do know. 

Action over analysis: Think, analyse, discuss but, more important, act  
Many of the problems we face have serious consequences. And at CEGIS, we tackle them with the seriousness and urgency they deserve. When faced with a problem, we debate and deliberate, but we are not paralysed by pontification, nor do we settle for simply defining an issue or identifying a solution. We work with governments to help implement solutions that work for them. At the same time, we do not act for the sake of acting. Everything we do must be underpinned - if not by data - at least by rigorous reasoning and always with the intention to improve people's lives. 

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